EDITORIAL : Let’s respect our step children

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EDITORIAL : Let’s respect our step children


HEARTLESS and shameless parents who abuse their stepchildren are a pathetic lot.

Children should be treated equally since they all have a right to life.

It’s sad that most of these children are ill-treated by their step fathers or step mothers despite all of them entering into marriage aware of the situations ahead.

Most of these step children have often fallen victim to all forms of abuse at the hands of their parents.

This is totally unacceptable considering that our kids need care and love under the custody of their guardians.

The trauma most step children are suffering at the hands of their “adopted” parents is unbearable.

Some of the children are being physically, and sexually abused, by their parents.

Others have turned into rebels after being abused by their step mothers or fathers.

This should never be allowed to happen since the abuse has psychological effects on our children.

It is quite sad to see these children being abused by their parents who should be looking after them.

In yesterday’s issue, we carried a sad story involving a Murewa father of 28, who stands accused of impregnating his wife’s daughter.

The man is believed to have married a wife, who already had a kid from the previous marriage.

He is now accused of impregnating his step daughter, a claim he vehemently denied.

Most people want DNA tests to be conducted to bring the matter to sleep.

There are some who are willing to sponsor the DNA test to ensure that the matter is settled and brought to finality.

While the man is denying the allegations, it’s sad when such claims are being levelled against him.

The man is believed to have impregnated the step daughter when she was 16.

That will qualify for rape because the child was under the age of consent.

If he, indeed, committed the offence, the man qualifies to be called a heartless father.

This should not be allowed to happen in this era.

We all have a right to protect the next generation and they don’t need to be our relatives for us to detect and fight their abuse.

People should learn to accept and embrace children of their partners from previous marriages when they enter into such unions.

As parents, we should learn to treat children equally.

It’s better not to enter into such unions when you know that someone has kids from previous marriages.

There are some people who have gone to the extent of adopting kids, which shows children are very special.

Children are gifts from the Lord and they deserve to be cherished and respected.

We should try by all means to show our kids true love and give them a life.

As a newspaper, we don’t derive any joy in publishing such stories.

But, we believe we have a duty to ensure that the world knows and, in doing so, some action will be taken against the culprits.

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