EDITORIAL : Let’s take care of our kids

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EDITORIAL : Let’s take care of our kids


FATHERHOOD is every man’s dream.

It brings about a sense of self-pride, honour and joy.

Fatherhood demands maturity, courage and wisdom.

The choice of friends, priorities and behaviour has to change with this transition.

Fatherhood is not a league for pretenders and the faint-hearted, if it is to bear fruits.

Rather, it demands boldness and men of action.

A real father should be there for his family and kids, no matter how poor or rich they are.

In fact, this elevation of being called a dad should inspire men to go the extra mile.

It should also be noted that fatherhood is not only about baby-making but rather it comes with its responsibilities.

It has its own serious demands, which require one to really work hard.

Of course, there are some who became fathers by default but that is no justification for laziness.

However, Zimbabwe seems to be experiencing a new breed of strange and heartless fathers.

This new breed of fathers appear to have forgotten their responsibilities.

They need to be constantly reminded to look after their children.

Some of these dads have become regular visitors at the civil courts where they are dragged to pay maintenance.

Despite being taken to the maintenance courts, some of them will still be desperate to dodge paying child support.

On a daily basis, we run stories involving these fathers, who offer peanuts or nothing, during court hearings.

In yesterday’s issue, a welder offered US$10 for the three minor kids he sired with his former wife.

It meant that each child needed US$3,30 per month, excluding food, medication and school fees.

The wife had demanded $120 000 and the man’s offer was a far cry to what his baby mama wanted.

In another case, a city man, who works in the transport and logistics sector, offered $12 000 for his children.

He claimed he had another family and was unemployed.

The defiant man insisted that he was struggling to make ends meet.

Angered by the man’s behaviour in court, the magistrate advised him to sell his smart phone and pay $60 000 maintenance.

While the ruling might sound queer to some, men should never be reminded to take responsibility of their actions.

Fathers, who put an effort in fending for their kids, are setting the right example.

Raising kids requires focus, dedication to work and innovation.

Failure to embrace this has seen some fathers being constantly dragged to court by their former lovers.

In extreme cases, we have seen some men being humiliated in public for the failure by their baby mamas to raise their kids.

Children deserve protection and love from both parents.

And, the biggest present you can give a kid, is to fend for them as they need a bright future.

This can only happen when fathers take responsibility and perform their roles with distinction.

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