EDITORIAL: Let’s take mental illness seriously

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EDITORIAL: Let’s take mental illness seriously


RADIO personality, Samantha ‘MisRed’ Musa’s statements about depression, should be taken seriously.

While she appears to have found a solution to the problem, many out there have not been so fortunate.

Depression is among major causes of mental illness in Zimbabwe and the world over.

The causes of depression have been cited and they all generally point in one direction.

A person whose welfare is not well taken care of is always at risk of slumping into a depression and eventually becoming mentally ill.

Economic challenges, wars and natural disasters have been cited as some of the major causes of depression in the world, which could lead to permanent mental illness, if not properly managed.

Those prone to depression are usually breadwinners, who have to provide for their families, despite the challenges in a country or family.

It should be good news to the country then, from a depression point of view, that our economy has been stable over the past few years and things are looking up.

People have been known to get depressed, even to the point of committing suicide (which is way beyond mental illness), over things like sport.

That every year the world commemorates World Mental Health Day shows just how massive depression is as a cause of mental illness.

Depression can lead to permanent brain damage, causing mental illness, which is often untreatable.

It is sad to learn that as a country, we don’t have statistics of mental illness cases because there has never been a national survey to find out where we stand, in terms of these figures.

That shows just how we don’t give issues related to mental welfare the attention they deserve.

We have statistics for everything that we take seriously as a nation, from the prevalence of HIV and Aids down to the relatively new Covid-19 pandemic.

Depression is defined as a condition of mental disturbance, typically with lack of energy and difficulty in maintaining concentration or interest, in life.

That we have many cases of suicide that are reported in the media, and many more that go unreported, shows these people would be suffering from severe depression, leading to a lack of interest in life.

These people need serious psycho-social support from experts who can help them preserve their life and have hope for a brighter tomorrow, no matter how hard life may be.


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