EDITORIAL : Majuice fighting a war he can’t win

SUSPENDED Alick Macheso dancer and choreographer, Selemane “Majuice” Mpochi has a touch of arrogance.

After being suspended for reporting late for work, he hasn’t shown any remorse even when it’s very clear that he now risks the possibility of losing his job.

A star dancer and close ally of Macheso, the choreographer was found wanting by the Orchestra Mberikwazvo management who decided there was a need to crack the whip.

Majuice told H-Metro he overslept while on a tour of duty and reported for a show at about 1am.

Clearly, this is not acceptable especially for a band which prides itself as an outfit for the people.

Macheso knows that it’s the fans who have made him, and his band, what they are today — top of the pile when it comes to sungura music in the country.

He knows the hard work and the hours they have invested in their project for them to reach the Promised Land.

He knows that once he loses that support, because they have started taking the fans for granted, he will lose everything.

We have a number of examples of musical outfits who reached the top but when they started to behave as if they didn’t care about the fans, their collapse was sensational.

Macheso knows this could happen to him, and his musical outfit, and that is why his management have taken a hard line stance on Majuice because he is not respecting their paymasters.

It’s meant to be an example to others that no one is above the band and, when they go off the rails, they will be whipped into line.

Discipline is everything and when you start having star dancers being allowed to report for duty as and when they feel like, you would be creating a huge problem for the band.

There are reports that Majuice had been cautioned over his conduct on several occasions.

Being the star dancer, it appears he let fame get into his head.

But, he now faces the possibility of losing his job.

The man he succeeded as the lead dancer, Francis “Slomo” Daka, was allowed to leave the group in 2013 but the band is still going strong.

Majuice was supposed to apologise to the management for his conduct.

Out of 28 band members on Macheso’s payroll, Majuice was the only star who was misbehaving.

Whatever decision that will be taken, Majuice has had a reality check.

He now knows that he is not bigger than the Orchestra Mberikwazvo brand.

Majuice should simply do the right thing — apologise and show remorse.

He should be spoiling for a fight against the band’s management because there will only be one loser — Majuice himself.

We can tell that the band’s management has Macheso’s support in their decision to discipline Majuice.

We hope that Majuice is also reading the signs and, if that is the case, he knows that he has been pushed into a corner and it’s up to him to show remorse and reform or he will be an outcast.

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