JUST two years ago, they were the model couple – two people who refused to let stereotypes block their path to happiness.

Phillip and Esnath Marufu are part of the little people.

Back in the day, when it was considered fashionable to mock such people, they used to be called dwarfs.

However, the world has changed and it is now sensitive to issues which are deemed to be mocking a certain group of people.

It is now a tolerant world, which appreciates that we are all different, for one reason or another, but that doesn’t make us more important than the other group of human beings.

It’s like the race issue, the world is made up of black and white people and we are all the same human beings.

The little people have an association, the Little People Association of Zimbabwe, which represents their interests.

Phillip and Esnath met and fell in love and decided to go all the way and held a marriage ceremony which was exclusively covered by H-Metro in 2021.

They were celebrated as model individuals and rightly so.

However, just two years into their marriage, things appear to have fallen apart.

The couple has become frequent visitors to the courts where they are airing their dirty linen.

Phillip and Esnath Marufu were at the Harare Civil Court this week where the latter is being accused of abusing her husband. Esnath, who is Little People Association in Zimbabwe founder, appeared before magistrate Sharon Mashavira facing charges of abusing Phillip, who is a businessman.

Phillip told the court that Esnath was in the habit of verbally abusing him, and assaulting him, whenever he tries to reprimand her.

He claimed that Esnath was also a promiscuous woman who dated her group mates.

“We married in 2019, she is a stubborn woman who always verbally abuses me and at one time she hit me on the head after her boyfriend called her in the middle of the night.

“Esnath took all our matrimonial property after I left the house, including the Motor Vehicle Registration Book,” said Phillip.

Phillip claims Esnath denied him conjugal rights and even went to his workplace at Raylton Sports Club and dismissed the workers without his permission.

In her response, Esnath said:

“Yes I admit that I hit him on the head after he made noise whilst I was talking on the phone with Abel.

“His manhood only works when he is injected and I never denied him conjugal rights.”

This is very sad given this was the very couple that was being hailed by the country for their bold decision to tie the knot.

We wonder why these two decided to shame themselves instead of resolving their differences behind closed doors.

Surely, this public shaming of each other will not help them and even if they had reached a point of no return, in their marriage, they could have handled their split in a decent and better way.

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