EDITORIAL : Saintfloew’s comeback is a good story

RISING young artist, Saintfloew, returned to the stage on Saturday for the first time in months.

Alex Sports Club was the venue of what was effectively his homecoming concert and hundreds of his fans came to witness his comeback story.

There had been fears that his show would flop, in terms of the attendance figures, because of a strong counter attraction, just across Milton Park, on the same night.

The hugely popular Stanbic Jacaranda Music Festival was having its second day at Old Hararians and many feared that most of the fans would choose the festival and shun the Saintfloew concert.

The reason for those fears was that the SJMF was parading a star-studded line-up of both local and foreign acts.

But, early in the evening on Saturday, long before Saintfloew appeared on the stage, it became very clear that his loyal band of fans would stick with their man.

This, on its own, is a very powerful story.

After all, this was the first time that Saintfloew was appearing on stage in person, in months, after he decided to confront the drugs and substance abuse demons, which had been paralysing his career.

With the helping hand of his benefactor, Tinashe Mutarisi, the 26-year-old artist flew to Johannesburg where he received special treatment at an exclusive facility which specialises in the rehabilitation of those who would be battling drugs and substance abuse.

The reality is that the majority of his fans didn’t know what to expect from Saintfloew, after the time he spent in isolation, as he started the journey to be a man whose life, and career, would not be consumed by drugs and alcohol abuse.

But, as they say, you can never put a good man down.

His entrance onto the stage was quite colourful as Saintfloew arrived in a coffin, as if to send the message that he came very close to dying before he came to his senses and chose to fight back.

Once he got into the grove, it became quite clear that he had prepared very well for this grand comeback.

Saintfloew delivered to perfection and his well-choreographed show was just what he needed to breathe confidence into his army of fans that he is still a force to reckon with.

After six weeks in rehabilitation, this was a fresh and inspired Saintfloew, a confident man who appears to send the signal that he is back with a bang.

As we celebrate the Saintfloew story, we should not forget the sacrifice which his benefactor, Mutarisi, invested in making sure that he gets help and also he makes this comeback.

 Mutarisi showed Saintfloew, genuine love and told him that the world was waiting for him to embrace him.

This is what charms us the most in this story.

You have a father figure who decided he would not give up on this young man and put a lot of resources to ensure that Saintfloew would be given a second chance.

What a beautiful story.

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