EDITORIAL : Scott’s story has many lessons

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EDITORIAL : Scott’s story has many lessons Scott Sakupwanya


GOLD miner and trader, Scott Sakupwanya, belongs to a rare breed of youthful hard workers who are driven by passion, focus and determination.

Born in Mabvuku, to a poor family, he faced a lot of challenges when he was growing up.

It didn’t help that he was not very good in his school work and, by his frank admission, despite trying his best, it was a rough and tough time for him.

But, for all the challenges he faced, he never gave up.

He embraced his shortcomings and weaknesses and decided to counter all that with hard work and a determination to clear all the hurdles in front of him.

Now, he has struck gold, in a literary sense, and is the leader of a thriving group of companies with interests in gold mining, fuel, construction and borehole drilling.

These are the kind of hard workers Zimbabwe needs right now as the country fights to turn a corner.

Scott turned 44 over the weekend and celebrated another gift of life with his inner circle.

He might not be a favourite of many but he deserves all the respect for the journey he has travelled so far.

A self-confessed Form Two dropout, Scott might resemble a failure in the eyes of some yet his hard work has taken him to the very top and he is now employing university graduates.

Like Mark Zuckerberg, who quit Harvard University before striking gold on social media, Scott has defied odds since he ventured into mining.

As he narrated his upbringing, Scott has demonstrated that God can change people’s lives if we are focused and determined to succeed.

After all the challenges he faced in life, many of his peers had written him off as a failure.

However, God had other plans for him and this has seen him striking gold as a miner and extending his portfolio to other interests like fuel and construction.

 He has shown us that growing up in a poor background does not hinder one from making it in life.

In life we have many people of Scott’s calibre who need to be embraced and saluted.

A number of people, who have made it in life, came from humble and poor backgrounds.

They refused to let their challenges shape their destiny and to let the past influence their future.

They went on a crusade to change their plight to ensure they will not face the same challenges, which characterised their time, when they were growing up.

Scott’s story is a good one which should give hope to many young men, and women, growing up in such poor environments, throughout the country.

Rather than despise him, we should embrace him because there are lessons that we can all pick from the way he has turned around his life.

And, crucially, he has also shown that he is a man with a commitment to also change the plight of his people, in Mabvuku, who find themselves in the same position he was when he was growing up.

That is why he donates  generously to his community now and again.

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