EDITORIAL : Shame on you DJ Towers

THE much publicised fallout between Passion Java and DJ Towers has been trending on social media.

It’s a case which has hogged the limelight after DJ Towers publicly begged his benefactor for forgiveness.

Passion Java believes DJ Towers had a hand in the case in which he lost a lot of valuables.

DJ Towers is a well-known attention-seeking entertainer.

Of course Passion might not be a favourite of many people but what he has done for DJ Towers is well documented.

The controversial prophet has changed DJ Towers’ life in many ways.

By asking for forgiveness, DJ Towers is nailing himself that, as Passion assumed, he was connected to the theft of the valuables.

If DJ Towers was connected to the offence which, according to his confession appears to be the case, he clearly betrayed his benefactor.

Biting the hand, which feeds you, is one of the worst forms of betrayal one can commit in life.

Some will argue that he deserves another chance because, by apologising, he has humbled himself.

By begging for forgiveness, he has accepted that what he did was wrong and he has been very remorseful.

However, others will say that someone like DJ Towers should never be found connected to the theft of valuables which belonged to his benefactor.

In fact, they will rightly argue that DJ Towers should never be found connected to any theft of valuables.

Now, the trust, which Passion used to have in DJ Towers, has been blown away.

In fact, the trust which many people used to have in DJ Towers has been blown away by these developments.

Questions have to be asked now if this is the first time that DJ Towers has involved himself in such dark arts or he has been a habitual offender?

Many of those who have associated with him in the past, and missed one or two valuable items, during their association, will be asking themselves a lot of questions.

Was he involved, in one way or another, in the loss of their valuables?

That is not a good profile to have, especially for one who is an entertainer and who can only succeed with the support of other constituencies, including corporates and other sponsors.

Which company would want to be associated with a person who confesses that he was involved in such dark arts?

Clearly, no one would want any association with such a character.

DJ Towers has always been a controversial character and those who questioned him now have a lot of ammunition to say they were right after all.

Passion can forgive him, it’s his right to do so and we won’t be surprised because we have seen worse things before.

But, that won’t remove the stain on DJ Towers’ profile and the entertainer knows that he will have to move mountains to repair a profile which has been badly damaged.

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