EDITORIAL: The TV presenter from hell

TELEVISION presenter, Nabeelah Jogee, has portrayed herself as a woman of loose morals and a bully.

The presenter is trending after breaking up with a married man with whom she was having an adulterous affair.

The man, Richard Nyamoto, is believed to be a veterinary surgeon.

However, Nabeelah doubts that and has been challenging Richard to provide evidence of the qualifications that can show that he is, indeed, a veterinary surgeon.

She also said that he claims to be a chartered accountant, something that she doubts.

The irony of all this is that when their adulterous affair was in full swing, Nabeelah was not doubting all these things. Her doubts have seemingly only crept in after their adulterous relationship collapsed.

She has somehow turned to social media to try and rubbish Richard as someone she doesn’t want anymore and someone who is also a liar. We are not here to be Richard’s advocates.

What we know is that what Richard was doing in this extramarital affair was wrong and he probably deserves all the shame which is coming his way.

When you hear his wife saying that she has been living in hell because Nabeelah has been trying all the dirty tricks to make her life unbearable, you can see the reason why we believe that Richard is not a saint in this mess.

And, of course, neither is Nabeelah.

Instead of being remorseful, Nabeelah had the guts to spill the beans on social media and, as to what she wanted to achieve from all that, we will never know.

Maybe, she wanted to gain some sympathy from her fans but we don’t see how someone, who deliberately gets into an adulterous relationship, deserves any sympathy. She should have known that she is a public figure by virtue of her job as a TV presenter.

She should have known that comes with responsibility and those who run the TV station where she works will not be comfortable with one of their leading stars being sucked into such controversy.

Nabeelah had the guts to tell Richard’s wife that she was impregnated by her husband and she was now going to terminate the pregnancy at Population Services.

She appears to be a heartless woman.

That kid in her womb didn’t choose to be there but two adults, in an adulterous relationship, decided to ensure that this life was created.

Richard’s wife is a victim who is being tormented by the heartless TC star.

With all this evidence, Richard’s wife can easily sue the woman who is now tormenting her.

She has all the evidence any competent lawyer can to win the case.

Whatever point she was trying to prove, the embattled presenter will pay for her actions.

There is no justification whatsoever for the nasty stuff she posted on social media.

Nabeelah should pay for her sins.

She was barbaric by posting and tormenting a married woman, who is a victim in this nonsense.

Her conduct should be condemned in its strongest terms.

For threatening to wreck a marriage of 14 years, Nabeelah should pay for her sins.

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