EDITORIAL : There’s power in Mai TT’s confession

JAILED comedienne and musician Mai TT’s confession that she regrets living a fake lifestyle should be taken seriously by fellow socialites.

It’s a powerful lesson to fellow players in the creative sector, who are desperate for fame, to live within their means.

Fake lifestyles are costly in most cases.

Judging by Mai TT’s confession, we can easily deduce that she ended up engaging in criminal activities to sustain her fake lifestyle.

The mother of two is now serving a nine-month jail term at Chikurubi Female Prison for defaulting community service eight years ago.

She was also found guilty of a criminal offence.

She got herself in trouble as she wanted to make people believe all was well on her side.

The only refreshing news is that she now understands that what she was doing was wrong and she has now opened up to others so that they don’t end up trapped in the same quagmire.

She appears to have learnt the hard way judging by her tone and the message she delivered to 230 inmates as well as visiting members of the Apostolic Faith Mission.

The fact that she has gathered the courage to speak out about her wrong deeds shows that she is responding well to rehabilitation.

While some take time to heal, when jailed, Mai TT’s case is a bit different.

The comedienne appears to have taken the correctional officers’ advice seriously.

To those socialites, who are leading fake lifestyles, it’s never too late to do the right thing.

Several celebrities are swimming in debt for the sake of maintaining fake lifestyles.

Some are now suffering from stress-related issues as they seek to maintain fake lifestyles.

In extreme cases, we have others who are nursing depression as they seek to maintain this celebrity culture.

People should always learn to live within their means.

This is what Mai TT failed to do.

After her lavish wedding, we all thought all was well on her side.

Sadly, she ended up getting herself into trouble with the law as she wanted to maintain the standards she set for herself.

After her touching speech, we hope that fellow creatives have learned one or two things.

Her followers should also take the message seriously.

Some were in doubt that she was at fault when she was sent to prison for rehabilitation.

Others chose to hold on to theories claiming that she was a victim of some form of conspiracy because many people were not happy with her booming popularity.

But, now, in her own words, Mai TT has told everyone that she was wrong and she deserves the punishment she got.

It was quite refreshing to hear her say all these things and one could tell that it was coming from deep down her heart.

Mai TT isn’t the first celebrity to go to jail.

Simon Chimbetu went to jail and returned to pursue his career which even touched the heights he had struggled to scale before his incarceration.

It’s not the end of the world for Mai TT.

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