EDITORIAL : War against drug abuse can be won

RAPPER Takura’s triumphant battle against drug and substance abuse shows that we can win the war against this monster.

His courage, and determination to narrate how he successfully exorcised his demons, will certainly help others.

A role model, mentor and influencer in his own right, Takura’s case is also another powerful testimony that shows the war against drug and substance abuse can be won.

All that is needed is for us to commit fully to the war.

It needs us to apply our hearts and minds to the battle and it will help us clear the hurdles we will face along the way.

It’s not an easy battle but the reality is that it can be won.

Takura is not the first to win it and he will not be the last.

He is not the first music star to find himself or herself battling this monster and he won’t be the last music star to do so.

This battle is not only restricted to our music stars but even our sports stars have found themselves in the same predicament.

Many of them, just like Takura, have fought back and won the battle.

They fought back because they realised that they had taken the wrong path and it was now destroying their careers.

There are several factors, that drive people to be entangled in drug abuse like peer pressure, boredom and depression.

Takura chronicled how he won his battle in a recent interview with Star FM’s DJ Eve during the Unplugged show. He revealed that he was ready to work and open a new page.

It took his manager, Mike Rich, to help him check into rehabilitation for five weeks.

The manager played a big role and stood by the rapper at a time when he needed him the most.

Some other managers would have deserted the rapper but Mike Rich is a man who cares.

This is what we call true friendship where your peers hold your hand you when you need someone to drag you from a quagmire of darkness.

The manager realised that Takura was going through a lot and decided to save him through rehabilitation.

Following his successful rehabilitation, he can now start on a new page.

Takura also revealed that a collaboration with Nigerian superstar Davido was already on the table and this is the kind of news we want to hear from him.

We all know the talent that he has as he remains one of the finest rappers in Zimbabwe.

Such talent should not be allowed to go to waste.

We believe that Takura has learnt from his mistakes and now this is his time to teach others about the dangers of drug and substance abuse.

Takura is not the only one who has opened up about drug abuse.

Last year, Saintfloew checked into a South African hospital to fight his battle against a similar problem.

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