WE have an amazing country and the tragedy about all this is that many of us don’t seem to understand how really beautiful our nation is.

We seem to take for granted its rolling hills, flowing rivers and beautiful mountains.

We seem not to generate a lot of pride in the fact that we have one of the world’s most beautiful climates.

A country where winter virtually doesn’t exist and one of the very few countries in the world where cricket, which is in essence a summer sport, can be played during the winter.

When God chose countries, which would host His Seven natural wonders, He chose us as the hosts of the majestic Victoria Falls.

A natural wonder of unimaginable beauty which charmed David Livingstone so much that he said it was only fit for the gaze of angels in their flight.

One just needs to go to our Eastern Highlands and see the true beauty of our country.

Some of the sights, and sounds, of the Eastern Highlands are just out of this world and to be there is to be in the presence of something magical.

It’s the same when it comes to Kariba and its surrounding areas and also when one goes to the Lowveld.

It’s hard to imagine another country, in this world, with a package of star attractions like Zimbabwe.

Amazingly, there are many such hidden treasures across the country and in yesterday’s issue of this newspaper we reported about Wedza’s industrial and suburban tourist attractions, which have charmed the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA).

ZTA Corporate Affairs Head, Godfrey Chief Koti recently toured Wedza Makurumure Waterfalls, Mutiusinazita.

He also toured Mutemwa Mountains, Imire Game Park, some dams and hotels and lodges.

Accompanied by the MP-elect for the area, Tino Machakaire, Chief Koti said: “Hwedza district is surprisingly amazing, I was at Makurumure Waterfalls, Mutemwa Mountains, Mutiusinazita, Imire Game Park.

“I liked its vegetation along its well tarred highway, honestly I was absolutely amazed.

“Wedza is very important in our historical setting and in shaping the discourse of our country.”

Machakaire thanked the ZTA executive for the visit.

“Thank you ZTA for finding time from your busy schedule to visit our charming Wedza Growth Point, townships and our natural tourists’ attractions.

“After these elections, we have many tourist attractions and businesses we want to globally market.

“Like Wedza Makurumure Waterfalls, under Chief Ruzani, we are just waiting for the local authority to finish its logistics for lots of activities to start soon.”

Wedza is just a part of many beautiful areas in this country which are crying out for exposure as real tourist attractions.

All that is needed is for us to take pride in these attractions and play our parts in ensuring that they don’t remain hidden from public view so that the story of their magical charms can be told.

That way, we can then cast a light on these natural treasures and once the tourists start coming, this can benefit the local and national economy.

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