EDITORIAL: We can make Zimbabwe clean

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EDITORIAL: We can make Zimbabwe clean


OVER three years ago, President Mnangagwa launched the National Clean-Up Campaign for Zimbabweans.

He urged everyone, from corporates to individuals, to clean up their premises every first Friday of each month – an initiative that had a huge impact in the country.

Cleanliness was becoming part of our culture as a people, not just once a month, but everyday and everywhere, around us.

In came the Covid-19 pandemic and the process was disrupted.

Dirty habits started to creep in again.

However, the Government noticed this and responded.

Only yesterday, we reported that the Government has pledged to step up the clean-up campaigns across the country and warned corporates and citizens against irresponsible littering.

The move sought to improve the state of cleanliness in all our cities and towns.

Corporates need to understand the social responsibility of placing bins for the public to use outside their offices.

Mbare youths spent the weekend cleaning up their community.

The same thing happened in Mufakose and other suburbs.

Now the clean culture is beginning to manifest.

We want to go back to the peak of the President’s campaign where even CEOs had a chance to hold a broom and check where dirt, or litter, accumulates around their buildings.

Where even people like Prophet Magaya would lead thousands of his followers to clean up the Central Business District of Harare.

The President’s initiative was an eye-opener on the needs of our capital which once deserved to be termed the Sunshine City.

An eye-opener, not only to the city fathers mandated to keep the capital clean but to the people who are behind the littering.

That garbage, which takes thousands of people to clean up, is an accumulation of what we casually drop on the road, thinking it’s just a drop in the ocean.

That chocolate package, that banana peel, that empty juice bottle, that tissue we have only wiped our mouth with . . . those are the little drops that have made Harare, and the country, this dirty.

Our behaviour, more than the city fathers’ inability to collect refuse, is contributing to the dirt in the capital.

We are litterbugs and we need to change our mentality.

All local authorities need to review their bylaws and punish the litterbugs.

There are many more clean-ups to be done, and plenty have been done before but Harare will not be made clean by such initiatives, on their own.

Clean-ups leave Harare neat for a day or two but what is needed is a mindset change among the Harare residents, and everywhere across the country, so that we stop being litterbugs.

This is what will turn our towns, cities and communities into the clean settlements that we want them to be.

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