THE tragic end to the birthday party, in which an eight-year-old schoolboy was killed at a resort in Ruwa, was quite sad.

The story, which was published in this newspaper yesterday, drew tears from many who were touched by the tragic sequence of events.

Tinaye Chibaya died on Saturday after being dragged by a horse he had been riding.

The horses had been disturbed by a giraffe at Bushman Rock Safaris.

It was a family day when Tinaye, accompanied by his parents, were celebrating the birthday of one of his classmates.

It was meant to be a day of fun for the families, and the schoolboys, but it ended in tragedy.

We join the Chibaya family in grieving for Tinaye.

From what we are reading from the online tributes, Tinaye was a very good boy.

He was loved by the friends of his parents and they have been telling us how they will miss the boy.

Tinaye sustained severe head injuries after being dragged for a distance while his leg was trapped on the saddle.

The boy has since been buried in Masvingo.

However, there are questions being asked after this tragedy.

Some people are now asking why the resort owners allow horse riding, especially for kids, when they know that the presence of other animals at the resort always poses a danger and could lead to the kind of tragic events we saw on Easter Saturday?

They are asking why more precaution wasn’t taken to safeguard the lives of the boys, who were horse-riding, given that the presence of other wild animals, at the same resort, always meant there was a danger of provocation to the horses?

They are now wondering whether this wasn’t another case of recklessness, and negligence, which could have been avoided had the necessary precautions been taken?

They are wondering if the horse handlers missed a trick or two on how they were supposed to react in the event of the situation which exploded at the resort on Easter Saturday?

That can wait for the investigations which will come after this tragedy.

What is key right now is for us to give Tinaye’s heartbroken family the privacy and space they need to mourn the boy they lost.

Nothing can replace their boy.

We also feel for his classmates, especially those who were at the same resort for that day of celebrations, and saw this tragedy unfolding.

They need counselling to get over the trauma they encountered last Saturday.

They are on holiday right now, which in a way will help, because if they had returned to class, just after this tragedy occurred, it would have been very difficult for them to heal.

But, that doesn’t mean that their teachers and headmaster should not prepare to ensure that when these kids return, they will help them deal with the trauma of this tragedy.

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