EDITORIAL: Weed out these fake scan specialists

THE influx of companies offering questionable medical scans in Harare should be a major of concern for the authorities.

It’s a case that requires urgent attention as people remain at risk of being misled by these individuals.

Sales representatives of these companies are now fighting for space in the Central Business District in their shameless pursuit to lure customers.

Some are littering the streets with pamphlets while others even hold roadshows to try and promote their services.

Our survey has shown that some companies have left marriages shaking after their so-called scans revealed shocking medical conditions of their clients.

Tension has now gripped some families after some fathers were told they can’t bear children when the same men already have kids.

In most cases, the scammers recommend some herbs to be taken when they claim to have detected some conditions.

These are the herbs which are found in their shops.

What is clear is that the so-called scans are just an agent to try and boost the sale of herbs in those shops.

So, one way or the other, the so-called scans have to reveal conditions which will end with the patient being ordered to buy the herbs to deal with his or her medical condition.

This is where the problem lies.

Conventional scans will not suggest that one has a medical condition when one does not have any such condition.

These are machines which we created to detect the conditions and where there is none they will not fool you with an analysis which suggests there is one.

The whole process, when one goes for scans at a proper medical facility, isn’t linked with creating an artificial problem to enable the sale of drugs which are in the pharmacy.

Where a condition exists, the scans will show that and the right medicine will be prescribed to ensure that the condition is dealt with.

This is not what we are seeing with these people with their so-called scans.

Renowned medical practitioner, Dr Johannes Marisa, has urged the Government to look into the matter.

He raised fears that people might end up getting the wrong medication from some herbalists.

The people who prefer herbs should seek them from those registered with the Traditional Medicines Council of Zimbabwe.

We should not take a gamble with our health by consulting dubious people. We need to visit our personal doctors or reputable health institutions where we can easily get help.

At one point, street corners were full of people selling all kinds of herbs, which people consumed without verifying their effects.

We need to save many souls from these people who have become a menace to society.

In some cases, the sales representatives force people to undergo these so-called scans.

The same people don’t provide counselling services when they reveal the results of their scans.

We should never take a gamble with our lives and we urge authorities to step in and deal with this menace.

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