EDITORIAL: Well done Macheso, you’re a true father

TROUBLESOME Orchestra Mberikwadzo star dancer and choreographer, Selemane “Majuice” Mpochi, has been given a final warning by Alick Macheso.

He spent four weeks on suspension.

He was suspended earlier this month after appearing late on stage during a show in Chiredzi.

The star dancer claimed he “overslept” at the lodge where the band was booked and this raised the ire of Macheso’s management.

Macheso and his team know that they cannot afford such wayward behaviour even from the star of their dancing team.

The problem with tolerating this is that it can then filter to other band members and, before they know it, chaos will be the order of the day in their camp.

If Macheso, himself, the real star of the band can be disciplined to be on stage when he is needed, then everyone else should follow his example.

Macheso has been in the game for a long time to know that without discipline, and respect for the fans, there won’t be any success stories which will be written by his band.

He calls his outfit the people’s band and it’s a fair call to say that Orchestra Mberikwazvo are the most popular musical outfit in the country.

They might struggle to fill up some venues in Harare’s low density areas but, across the country, when we factor in the rural areas, no other band comes close, in terms of appeal, to Orchestra Mberikwazvo.

If we were talking about football, this band is what Dynamos are to the national game.

Macheso knows that the fans are the real bosses and, without them, his band will fizzle into just another ordinary outfit.

So, for anyone in his band to try and give the fans a raw deal by, among other things, showing up late on stage, is something that cannot be tolerated.

The decision to suspend Majuice without pay was a good lesson to other band members.

But, Macheso has also shown his other good side.

He is a father and knows what Majuice has done in terms of adding value to the band and has decided to forgive him and give him one last chance.

The talented choreographer’s suspension was lifted after he begged for forgiveness.

Majuice also engaged other people close to Macheso to ask for forgiveness on his behalf.

“I can confirm that Majuice is back at work. We have given him a final warning. This is the second time that we have suspended him. 

“If he repeats the same behaviour, we won’t tolerate him,” said Orchestra Mberikwazvo publicist, Tich Makahamadze.

Macheso has shown that he is the boss at Orchestra Mberikwazvo.

He has demonstrated that any attempts to be unprofessional, by any member of his super group, will not be tolerated.

He has also shown the fatherly side that while his hardline stance was important, it was also key for him to demonstrate that, as leader, he can forgive those who lose their way.

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