EDITORIAL : Wife with 15 boyfriends has no shame

YESTERDAY, we carried a very disturbing story of a marriage of over 17 years, which collapsed after a man found out that his wife was dating over 15 boyfriends.

The saga started when the husband took his wife’s mobile phone and then went through her WhatsApp chats.

He found a number of nude pictures and explicit chats among those conversations.

His wife, Letwina Mateke, had been chatting and exchanging explicit chats with a number of her boyfriends and, at the last count, there were 15.

The shocked husband is still in possession of the phone and the boyfriends are still bombarding it with nudes and some explicit chats.

H-Metro is also in possession of some of chats between Letwina and her boyfriends.

We have established from the chats that some of the boyfriends stay in Budiriro, Epworth and other suburbs around the capital.

The boyfriends claim they didn’t know she was married since she used a singles’ WhatsApp group to lure her boyfriends.

The husband has been having a terrible time since that day, about four days ago, when he got home and took his wife’s phone.

He told us that, so far, he has managed to talk to, at least, four of the boyfriends who confirmed everything to him.

He also met some of these boyfriends in person.

He claims that everything started working last November and he trusted her that he would remain faithful.

He claims he had any reason to suspect his wife would go rogue because she has always portrayed an image of innocence from the time he first met her when she was in Form Four.

One of the boyfriends told us that that he started dating the woman after she advertised herself in a WhatsApp group for single individuals.

In some of the chats, the woman was negotiating with some of her lovers for a meeting in town and Epworth.

In some chats, she was being thanked for quality time with them.

We feel sorry for the husband who is now going through a lot of turmoil as he tries to deal with this very delicate issue.

The woman should feel ashamed that she has put her family through all this hell because of her conduct in which she shamed the institution of marriage with her shenanigans.

Her parents and relatives are surely ashamed of her now and we don’t understand why, according to her husband, her sister tried to come in and defend her shame.

We have reported about unfaithful wives from the very first day we started publishing but we have never seen anything like this where a wife has the audacity to have 15 boyfriends.

We will never stop exposing such people because we believe we should protect the integrity of the marriage institution.

We owe it to the majority of our readers, who value the institution of marriage, for us to keep exposing these shenanigans.

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