EDITORIAL: Wizkid Noku deserves all the support

THE academically-gifted Wise Owl High School student, Nokutenda Makono, who excelled in the 2023 Advanced Level Cambridge Biblical Studies, is more than a genius.

Nokutenda is trending for her intelligence and hard work.

A role model to other teens, Nokutenda deserves all the support to fulfil her dreams of becoming a top lawyer.

She has been awarded the title of “Best in the World in Biblical Studies” by Cambridge University’s examinations board after she scored 93 percent in the subject.

It’s a rare feat that has earned her praise from teachers, parents and family.

The school authorities are also proud of their teacher, Mr Dube, who has been monitoring the girl’s progress.

We can’t talk of her success story without mentioning Mr Dube who worked hard and long to make sure that she passed with flying colours.

Teachers of Mr Dube’s calibre are usually forgotten when their students excel.

This has been the trend over the years where teachers, who have groomed luminaries, are not given enough credit.

In Nokutenda’s case, we have an intelligent student who is set to inspire the girl-child to perform better in their studies.

Reports that she cried during examinations show that she was determined to excel. 

Failure was never in her DNA.

A prayer warrior in her own right, Nokutenda is a smart girl who is being rewarded for her intelligence and hard work.

This is the right time for philanthropists to come on board with scholarships for kids of Nokutenda’s calibre and sponsor them to get the best education they require.

She is clearly an elite student and we have to find ways to help her go all the way.

Her dream to become an advocate should come to pass.

Nothing should block her vision since the girl has set some goals for herself.

Brilliant students like Nokutenda should be the first to get scholarships to study at reputable universities both local and abroad.

We should support the girl child in the same manner that we have done to the boy child.

Statistics have shown that more girls excel than boys at Advanced and Ordinary Levels.

This should come as refreshing news at a time when we are appealing for equality in every sector.

Women can only occupy powerful positions in Government and business sectors if we rally behind them.

It all starts by affording our kids quality education where they have the freedom to choose where they want to study.

Children should have options and the right to choose what they want to study in life.

As parents, we can only support their dreams through guidance and financing their studies.

Our kids represent the future of this nation.

They are the future leaders of our country.

That is the reason we should invest in them so that they can reach the stars.

With maximum support, we have the potential to unleash more wizkids of Nokutenda’s calibre.

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