Educate the youths

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Educate the youths


We once published a story in which Mai Titi was expressing regret over marrying early saying it had a negative impact on her life.

She was 18 when she got married and confesses that she was not mature enough to handle marriage at that age.

She added that early marriages expose young girls to all forms of abuse and urged her daughters not to fall into such traps.

Today the girl child is under similar pressure.

The girl child usually falls into early marriages because of having or being forced into premarital sex. They end up becoming wives to men that impregnated them and fall victim to abuse.

Young people – whenever possible – must simply abstain from premarital sex.

Sexual intercourse at a young age can only lead to various things like unwanted pregnancy, contracting HIV/Aids or other sexually transmitted diseases, early marriage or being the laughing stock of society.

Young people should choose which one they like from the options above or just wait and do things the proper way.

The time will always come if one waits to have sex at the right time. Your families, instead of feeling humiliated, will rejoice if you wait for the right time to engage in sexual activity. They will gather and ululate at a ceremony called a wedding and will even offer you gifts for your ability to wait.

After such a day you can have sex every day if you want, provided you are having it with that one person you would have married.

You will realize then that having sex, at whatever age, is not really a heroic thing.

But to young minds, it is the epic of fun.

The actual heroes and heroins are the people that can wait for the right time, person and place before having sex.

If you can wait 15 or so years without engaging in sex, can you not wait a few more years before marrying and doing things right?

If you do not respect yourselves young people, at least respect your parents and family to whom you will bring shame when you engage in sexual activity outside marriage.

It is grossly disrespectful to parents and guardians for young people to have sexual intercourse outside marriage and against their parents’ will as the only person anyone should have a sexual relationship with is their marriage mate.

All parents work their socks off to ensure their children stay away from sex until they are married. So when these children cannot wait for marriage, their parents are considered failures.

So if there is a view that there is anything heroic in having sex, it is a huge misconception.

When you engage in sex at school or outside marriage, it means you are loose, untrustworthy and do not respect your body – regardless of your gender or age.

Abstinence is the only way to really avoid unwanted pregnancy and early marriage.

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