Tanaka Mahanya

HIGHER and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development Minister, Amon Murwira, says education is not for show-off.

He believes that education should be focused on answering the problems that people face in their daily lives.

He was speaking at the Harare Polytechnic graduation ceremony.

Minister Murwira said graduates should try to establish new industries.

He said they had developed the Integrated Skills Expansion Outreach Programme (ISEOP) to impart practical skills to citizens and empower those who have not had the chance to attend tertiary institutions. Through the ISEOP, students can improve skills in various fields, such as cooking, hairdressing, welding, plumbing, carpentry and building.

The Minister said the impact of education should be felt in communities and that it should not end in an institution.

“Education cannot be for show-off but must answer to the needs of our economy and aspirations of our people.

“In order to make our education produce goods and services, the Government has made several initiatives that include improving the legal framework.

“The future of education rests on our ability to produce students with critical thinking skills, innovators with influence locally and beyond our borders but, most importantly, on realigning our education to produce capabilities to cause the production of goods and services to serve our people,” he said.

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