Education now paying: Nox

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Education now paying: Nox Nox


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

South Africa based urban grooves star, Enock “Nox” Guni, reckons he is now implementing what he studied at college on Covid-19 lockdown.

Nox – a holder of a Marketing degree from the Midlands State University – said he is now reaping rewards of investing in education at a time when most artistes stranded.

The 36-year-old opened up after releasing a beautiful video to the song Let’s Do It which had its premiere on Trace last week.

Prior and after the release of the beautiful video, Nox said he has been the busiest Zimbabwean artistes plying his trade across the Limpopo.

“I have been busy on lockdown doing online gigs where I have used my expertise as market to help big brands to market themselves.

“In my case, I have been holding online shows  and marketing campaigns in partnership with such corporates as Makesure Risk Solutions (insurance company based in Johannesburg, Kingdon Blue Life Assurance Company (Joburg) and Nakira, an events Management Company based in the UK.

“I have managed to convince them because of my expertise in the field of marketing and I can safely say I am now doing both music and marketing at the same time,” he said.

Nox urged fellow artistes to invest widely to avert such situations.

“This pandemic has caught us unaware and we are not sure if it is going to end or we are set to live with it for ages.

“As such, those who invested a lot are bound to lead a better life while those who did not are likely to be affected.

“Musically, those who are not active now risk being forgotten in the future and we are presented with a tricky situation where we really need to work hard and think outside the box.

“We are also in a situation where we need God most to help us while on our part we need observe all the precautions,” he added.

He urged Zimbabweans to continue praying to God as well as observing all the health precautions.

Nox said it was also high time people practice the spirit of sharing  and giving.



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