Elderly people gets Covid-19

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Elderly people gets Covid-19


….Mahwindo Foundation to the rescue

Trust Khosa recently in Seke

NEWLY formed Mahwindo Foundation on Friday brought smiles to the elderly in Chitungwiza and Seke communal lands when they handed over two tonnes of maize meal and cooking oil to the vulnerable.

A brainchild of socialite and music promoter Wanisayi “Mahwindo” Mutandwa and her daughter Maka, the donations where sourced from the entrepreneur’s close friends.

These comprised Danya, Pan Jap Motors, Thandie,Lisa, Fife Ave Car Sales, a British Facebook friend, Oswald Soko, Stan Kasukuwere  and Jowasi Musoko among others who declined to be named.

And true to her promised that she had made to the elderly in Chitungwiza and Seke, the vulnerable gathered as early as 9am to be given their packages.

The whole packages came with a 10 kgs pocket of maize meal, 2 litres cooking oil and a packet of sugar beans.

Her first stopover was in Chitungwiza where she identified widows, single mothers and elderly women from the Salvation Army church where her daughter recently won a pageant.

She then proceeded to Seke rural and her former primary school (Marikopo Primary Primary) where she extended the hand to elderly.

Part of the elderly comprised pastors and friends of her late granny Maonei who was praised for being a kind woman.

In an interview with H-Metro, Mahwindo who was accompanied by her secretary Nyasha Mhonda  and daughter Maka and rapper Mudiwa Hood’s parents  said she was touched by the plight of the elderly.

“To be honest with you, the Covid-19 induced lockdown has left many of these elderly people stranded with no source of income and food to put on the table.

“I came up with this ideal after reailsing that I could help and make a difference in people’s lives.

“I then decided to source the donations from my friends who welcomed my idea,” she said.

Mahwindo said she consulted her church elders and village heads to compile a list of vulnerable woman aged 65 and above who needed help.

“As you can see, I am working closely with the elderly and village heads who helped me to compile the list of these people.

“I know there might be some who were left out but this is what I can only afford since we bailed out 250 households.

“I know this package we gave them will go a long way I changing their lives since they needed us most,” she said.

Mahwindo said it was high time that in influential people play their part in uplifting the poor during these trying times.

“Times like these calls for unity and love and as socialite who have many connections, we need to step up and help the poor.

“I was going through my data base and I realised that I could easily change people’s lives.

“I had to beg them so that they help me in raising what we have done today through my foundation.

“I have also realised that we can spare our monies on something that can change people’s lives other than luxuries.

“You will be shocked to note that among the people who received these hampers there is a mother of one of the big shots who is well known for popping champagne at Sankayi yet his mother is struggling.

“We should always remember our roots and parents because that’s where we get blessings.

“I was really touched by her and as you saw for yourself, she really appreciated what we did for her and grandchildren.

“If we neglect these people they will starve to death and we need to step up and show them love especially these trying times.”
Added Mahwindo:

“In my case, I was raised in this village by my late gogo Maonei and she used to give to the needy.

“I was always challenged by her and I wondered how she had that heart of gold.

“My granny would help both her friends and foes and it challenged me to form his foundation.

“At Mahwindo Foundation, we are mandated to help the need, especially single mother and widows.

“I know it’s not an easy task in such trying times but we will keep on doing the best we can.”

Meanwhile, Mahwindo said she was set to go on a countrywide our donating food hampers to the elderly.

This week, Mahwindo is set to tour Mashonaland West where she is set to handover goods in Magunje and Karoi.

She recently helped Killer T when he donated to the Mbare elderly and her foundation is also working with the chanter   when he is not busy.

Mahiwndo Foundation works with a number of musicians and soccer players who need her help.

Former Man City and Warriors captain Benjani Mwaruwari has also blessed her foundation and is also giving Mahwindo guidance.


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