‘Elections come and go but peace is priceless’

Paul Pindani in KARIBA

NATIONAL police spokesman, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, has urged Zimbabweans to prioritise peace and respect of the law and order during and after the August 23 elections. 

Nyathi said elections must not divide Zimbabweans, and that it was important for post-election life to continue with social and economic activities.

Maintaining law and order will help to send a strong message to investors about the safety and security of Zimbabwe.

Speaking on the sidelines of a Media and Elections Reporting Training Workshop in Kariba organised by the Zimbabwe Media Council and Shalestone Elections and Governance Consultants, Ass-Comm Nyathi said elections come and go, and must not divide Zimbabweans.

“We want Zimbabweans to observe peace before, during and after the elections. 

“Elections must allow those with divergent political views to express them freely,” said Ass-Comm Nyathi.

He said there was no need for people to fight over party affiliations, different political opinions and views.

“Let us not fight because after elections, life must continue. 

“Children must go to school and people must continue with their economic activities.”

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