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27 July 2018


On Monday Zimbabweans from all walks of life will be casting their votes in the Harmonised Elections in anticipation of a new era.

It’s an election where a new Government will be elected into office.

H-Metro Assistant News Editor TRUST KHOSA spoke to a number of registered voters who include educationists, entrepreneurs, students and the laymen who aired their expectations.

Below are some of the reactions we got from the public ahead of the July 30 polls, which has attracted the attention of the world . . .

CHARLTON TSODZO (academic) – My take on this is that citizens are tired of poverty and unmet promises of the past, now people want committed leaders that deliver on the promises.

They had had enough on job promises that never materialise, enough promises of improved quality for life that never comes.

There is a generation whose lives got wasted in the political and economic crisis and they want to at salvage something while they still have the energy to work.

I think this election is going to be about the economy and perhaps consolidation of the gains so far in terms of implementation of the new constitution, the reform agenda as well as good governance and democracy. There also seems to be a lot of interest among first time voters and Zimbabweans are increasingly taking agency and now want to participate in issues affecting their lives.

SPENCER MADZIYA (businessman/philanthropist) –

Spencer Madziya

As the electorate, we are expecting a smooth process in exercising our right as enshrined in the national Constitution.

This is a watershed election that will define the country’s path in the next five years.

The new dispensation has brought a different culture in terms of how our electioneering processes have been handled in the past, we have seen all parties traversing the breadth and length of the country campaigning peacefully, it is the same spirit we want to see in the post -election era.

Whoever wins should carry on the people’s mandate and whoever loses should join hands for the betterment of the country, after all we are one family we are Zimbabweans!

JAMESON MUSHANGWE (tax consultant). We are to be guaranteed freedom of expression unity and peace.

We want more focus on the economy and infrastructural development.

We do anticipate free primary school education, no to corruption and nepotism.

We also want competent people to apply for cabinet posts kutoisa ma cv chero usiri MP

I think ED will win by 59 percent.

We also want free medical care for all children under ten years

We also want elections to be held after every ten years not five.

Ahwina ngaashande nearuza kumbosimudza economy nekuratidza unity.

Arnold Chimuka (mining consultant) – We want cash in banks, no to corrupt and old ministers nema basa.


Rev Musindo

It is our expectation that people vote peacefully and be guided by God in everything they do since all leaders are ordained by Him.

It is written in the Bible that Christians must be taught to be mature by meditating upon the word preached to them.

Maturity means someone is able to give birth, produce and come up with something that can give life to many.

Isiah the prophet warned Israel about being led by young people who can easily get anger and cannot easily forgive if they do not obey his word.

Young leaders ruled Israel at the age of 12 years, some 14 years as a curse for not obeying God so maturity matters when it comes to decision making.

If young leaders got opportunity to command armies, police and relevant powers they can express their immaturity and it costs the nation so I urge people to vote wisely, peacefully and prayerfully.

EDMORE CHIVIZHE (entrepreneur) – I do hope for an improved investment because more investors are sitting on the fence with a wait and see attitude and also I do hope for peace to prevail no matter the outcome. I also expect to see a free n fair exercise.

ITAI MUGABE (businessman) – As the electorate, we want to see change and availability of cash in our banks in a new Zimbabwe.

Whoever wins the elections should deliver on their promises while those who are going to lose should concede defeat and move on.

Lastly, the same peace which was prevailing during the campaign period should continue after the elections in the new Zimbabwe.

We also say no to chaos and civil unrest after the elections.

JOSH HOZHERI (business man/music promoter) –

Josh Hozheri

I hope and pray for a peaceful Zimbabwe. Let’s go all out in our numbers and vote.

This is a constitutional right for all of us. Peace, love and more fun in our beloved Zimbabwe.

Edith Weutonga (diva) – We are going to be the 30th decide on who is going lead country  and need to do this in our sober of minds  and do it in peace.

So am calling for peace and love.

PASTOR HAZVINEI MUCHEFA (RECFEMI} Redeemed Christian Fellowship Ministries International

As Pastors we applaud the current peaceful environment currently prevailing in the country and it should continue even after elections.

We also have a job as churches to pray for unity, peace and listening to each and every one in our country.

As a church we also prayed for peaceful elections before, during and after elections.

Lastly I applaud the people of Zimbabwe for being God fearing people and a peace loving nation and also urge them to read Psalms 122 verse 6 which say pray for the peace of Jerusalem and they shall prosper.

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