EMA combats litter dumping

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EMA combats litter dumping During the clean-up


27 September 2018

Leon Mutungamiri

The Environmental Management Agency, in conjunction with City Of Harare, have distributed litter bins to over 2 600 households in Glen View and Budiriro in a way to combat illegal litter dumping.

Speaking during the distribution of litter bins in Glen View yesterday, the EMA Education and Publicity Officer, Leon Mutungamiri said they are trying to prevent the suburbs from illegal litter dumps.

“We as Environmental Management Agency we are carrying out gate to gate bin distribution here in Glen View the epicenter of cholera,” said Mutungamiri.

“What we are saying to the residents is that we are supposed to separate waste at first, waste which decays is supposed to be composted and the rest of the waste materials are supposed to be placed in to a bin that is the message which we are driving home to the residents of Glen View.

During the clean-up

“We are also telling them to desist from dumping litter anywhere creating illegal dumb that is why we are here doing these awareness campaigns to the residents especially Glen View 1 where we had previous cases of cholera.

“So far we have distributed to about 2600 households and we are targeting close to 30 00 households here in Glen View alone and the responds has been overwhelming, people are appreciating what we are doing as environmental management Agency (EMA).”

Mutungamiri said they will take the initiative to other suburbs.

“We are not going to distribute these bins to Budiriro and Glen View alone but we are also targeting areas surrounding Budiriro these areas like Highfield, Mufakose and Glen Norah.

“We are also targeting Mbare though we haven’t received any outbreaks there but we are going to move in before we have such incidents,” said Mutungamiri.

One of the residents who identified herself as Viola Havazivishe said she was extremely happy with what EMA has done.

“This is extremely a good thing for us because this has been a reason why we were dumping litter on illegal dumb areas.

“We appreciate their effort but we are appealing for them to keep on distributing these litter bins in at least one month period, also the City Of Harare should make sure that they give us specific day when they come and collect the waste so that we won`t dump litter illegally,” she said.




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