EMA warns fuel hoarders

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11 October 2018

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has warned people hoarding fuel to monitor it’s transportation since it has catastrophic effects if not well-managed.

In statement, EMA’s Communications Officer Joyce Chapungu warned the panic buyers to be alert and very cautious.

EMA is monitoring the handling, sale, storage, transportation and transit of hazardous substances which include diesel and petrol.

“The agency has noted panic hoarding of fuel which if not well managed may result in catastrophic effects which include loss of human life and property.”

Added Chapungu:

“Consequently, we need to advise motorist and members of the public to take all the necessary precautions when handling fuel.

“Petrol and diesel are flammable liquids which have the potential of exploding if not handled with care.

“Such explosions can be detrimental to the environment, human being and property.

“In addition, the container should be of sufficient strength under the ordinary risks of handling and transportation to prevent the escape of any of its contents.

“If there are leakages in handling such liquids, it results in land and water pollution especially as the rainy season is fast approaching.”

According to Section 4 (1) of Statutory Instrument 12; Environmental Management (Hazardous Substances, Pesticides and Other Toxic Substances) Regulations, 2007, no person shall package a hazardous substance in a container which may react chemically or physically with the substance.

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