EMA warns Mufakose residents on sewer

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EMA warns Mufakose residents on sewer Raw sewer flowing


15 October 2018

Raw sewer flowing

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has raised concern over sewer burst in Mufakose which can lead to contamination of wells.

EMA`s environmental manager for Harare Province, Robson Mavondo said the council should act faster on sewer bursts in Mufakose.

“We have noticed that there is environmental pollution taking place here in Mufakose and that is the reason why we arranged this sewer burst tour today,” Mavondo told H-Metro.

“All residents are likely to be affected by cholera especially those who draw their water from shallow wells that is if the city council take no action as from now,” he said.

“The trench which was opened by the council is worsening the penetration of sewer into the ground which can make easy contamination of wells nearby.

“We are worried that Mufakose could become the next Budiriro in terms of cholera,” said Mavondo.

Sewer trench created by the City Council

Speaking to one of the residents who identified herself as Sarudzai Mukurazhizha of number 28 Muriti Street, she said they are worried about the situation and they are seeking for council intervention before the situation worsens.

“We are worried about the situation now, it has been a week now staying in a sewer-polluted environment and we have even moved our toddlers to our relatives.

“The city council has been informed but they are not taking action and now we are afraid of cholera,” said Mukurazhizha.

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