‘Embrace technology in cultural sector’

27 May, 2019 - 12:05 0 Views
‘Embrace technology in cultural sector’ Talent Banda and wife Noreen


Tariroyashe Goredema, H-Metro Reporter

STAKEHOLDERS in the cultural sector have been urged to embrace technology and allow cultural exchanges with other nations.

Speaking on the sidelines of Zimbabwe Food and Culture Festival that ended last week, Events Evolution director Talent Banda said players in the culture sector had to embrace technology though various ways.

“Technology is fast and we need to embrace it to allow cultural exchanges, corporates should come in and support the sector.

“As Events Evolution, we have a programme running on Star FM trying to educate people on technology,” he said.

Banda said their company purchased a state of the art equipment because they want their showbiz to expand for future purposes.

“If you look at the quality of our equipment, it is state of the art it’s because we want our showbiz to move with times.

“People must embrace technology, gone are the days when we used to have makeshift stages or low quality sound systems we should do better,” he said.

He said artistes can only be ambassadors of our culture if they have enough resources.

“I challenge all players in the industry to equip themselves so that the players can be good ambassadors of our culture and in that light we as Events Evolution will continue to invest in equipment that makes our showbiz develop,” he said.

The company has been in partnership with Star FM hosting some technological awareness and have called artistes to participate in that initiative.

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