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RADIO personality and club wheel-spinner, Abisha Palmer, reckons perseverance and hard work pay.

The versatile entertainer turns 33 today.

The celebrations will take place at Habhana Lounge at South Gate Mall along Chiremba Road in Harare.

It will coincide with his Thursdays’ Turn Up Party slot.

Fellow artists Leo Magozz, Tocky Vibes, Bling 4, Uncle Epaton, Burtler, Andile, MC Tatts will also perform at the event.

Events managers – Mahwindo Foundation, Chipaz Promotions, Bike Delivery and Zim Energy – are part of the event.

Abisha has been in the game for the past 18 years.

“I started off in Mbare with King Sound but I later honed my skills with a number of established selectors like Etherton Beenie.

“We used to play around Mbare in such areas as Stodart Hall anMai Misodzi Hall,” he said.

Abisha said he stuck with Etherton who introduced him to big crowds.

“At some point, I performed at Tube Nite Club along with Etherton Beenie and later joined Legendary Sound where I teamed up with Smiley and made a formidable combination.

“I later joined Judgement Yard but I have since left the group.

“Six year after leaving the group, I am now promoting my brand #Abisha Palmer,” he said.

The versatile entertainer said he was humbled to be celebrated by some of his peers in the industry.

“I can’t wait for Thursday (today) when I celebrate these milestones with some of the promoters, partners and friends in the game.

“I am grateful that my brand is now popular judging by the demand we are having.

“I have come to a point where I can play anything unlike during my old days when we used to specialise in reggae and dancehall. 

“I urge people to come and celebrate with me on Thursday and see how I have vastly improved over the years. I’m grateful to people like Mahwindo who gave me a slot to perform at the event,” he said.

Like any other experienced person in the game, he urged aspiring disc jockeys to be focused.

“It’s not easy on this journey, focus is needed when people want to go forward,” he said.

Meanwhile, the venue will host Langton B and King Her on Friday.

The Movement Band returns to the venue on Saturday while Etherton B and Garry B will be in charge on Sunday during their Rasta Sundays.

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