Emmanuel High School Awards Dinner Night, celebrating 10 years of excellence

Emmanuel High School celebrated its 10-year milestone with great pride and honour under its motto, ‘Embracing Diversity, Empowering Success’.

The event was established to celebrate the achievements of the school community and to inspire every individual to strive for greatness. The school has produced lawyers, doctors, journalists and photographers, among other successful professionals.

It offers a diverse range of activities, including sports and hands-on training, to nurture students’ different capabilities. The school empowers students to be unique and different, with plans to expand its facilities to include a multipurpose court, a swimming pool, and an extended set for the Arts Club.

The event was highly anticipated, and each accolade received at the awards dinner served as a testament to the passion, resilience and determination of the school community.

It is also introducing Robotics and Computer Added Design into its curriculum to keep up with the world’s movement towards artificial intelligence.

The school’s headmistress, Mrs Matanga, said she was proud to be leading such a school of excellence.

Mrs Matanga

“Ten years ago when this event was first established, we envisioned a platform that would not only celebrate the achievements of our incredible school community, but also inspire to motivate every individual to strive for greatness.

“Little did we know that it would grow to become one of the most highly anticipated events on our school calendar.

“Our 10-year milestone journey started in 2013. A number of students achieved a lot through the institution and some are here present today.

We have produced lawyers and one of them is our member of staff who is teaching law. We have doctors, journalists and our very own photographer today, Tinashe Nasho, just to mention a few.

“During the past 10 years, we have nurtured students according to their capabilities so that everyone can be someone in life.

“That’s why our curriculum, includes hands-on training. Every student at school is taught to be a farmer. We also have a masters’ class,” she said.

The school offers Law and Finance from Form 1-6, equipping everyone with law skills and familiarising them with business skills to help them run successful and self-sustaining businesses in future.

“Here at Emmanuel School of  Excellence, we diversify. We do not only concentrate on academic success, but a range of activities. We do sporting and indoor games, which open a wide range of opportunities for our learners both academically gifted and challenged.

“In 2017 I taught a girl called Rutendo Ngorima who came out with five O-Levels, but because of sports, she managed to get a scholarship to one of the best universities in the world.”

The school has been digitalised by putting up Smart Glass Laptop Chargers for the safety of laptops and convenience of safe charging.

“As an institution, we are empowering our learners to be different, to be unique persons every organisation in the world wishes to recruit.

“We look forward to winning other upcoming events. Sporting activities and other activities help learners to develop cognitively as wells as open doors to a great future.

“I would like to thank you our highly esteemed parents for supporting us,” said Mrs Matanga.

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