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EMMANUEL Thomas’ wife — Citygirl — has released a song targeted at young people ahead of the National Youth Day celebrations.

The day is celebrated on February 21 each year.

This year’s main celebrations will be held in Masvingo tomorrow.

In the spirit of marking the day, Citygirl, with the assistance of her husband Emmanuel — the former Frontline Crew founder — has decided to give hope to young people in a unique way.

She released a song titled Dzokera.

“Our song Dzokera is relevant to the current situation in Zimbabwe where several issues like drug and substance abuse, depression and sex work have destroyed the young people.

“The main issue at the moment, which needs our urgent attention, is drug and substance abuse among the young people.

“As we celebrate the National Youth Day, this is our prayer for the young people to restore their relationship with God and be saved,” she said.

Citygirl urged young people to seek help from professionals and church pastors.,

“As church leaders, it is our responsibility to ensure that we play our part in saving people.

“We don’t want to lose young people to immoral acts which need us to take full control and assist them,” she added.

The song was recorded by Anthony Gasani.

Spencer Khumulani played the bass guitar while Emmanuel played both the lead and rhythm guitars.

Collin Tom added his expertise as a drummer white Citygirl did the lead vocals.

Her daughter, Fernie Thomas, along with Kelly Mutero, Leon and Leeroy Shoko, featured as backing vocalists.

She has, in the past, done solo projects like Zakeyo in 2001 and Tribute to Oliver Mtukudzi.

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