Emotional intelligence key to service delivery

Lucia Mazhou

GRAPHIC designer Ian Kahale believes that emotional intelligence is critical in service delivery to customers.

The 29-year-old said the cornerstone of delivering exceptional services to customers lies in emotional intelligence.

“While some aspects of intelligence may be inherent, emotional intelligence is a skill set that entails comprehending and managing emotions, both your own and those of others. This quality is particularly invaluable in the realm of graphic design.

“Once you grasp the exact desires of your clients, you possess the power to transform their visions into reality, setting yourself apart from your competitors in this field.

“Understanding your clients’ needs and aiding them in developing a deeper understanding of their own brand is an immensely crucial aspect of graphic design.

“Fostering emotional intelligence paves the way for enhanced relationships, communication, and decision-making, thus making it a worthwhile endeavour for personal and professional growth.”

His inspiration for graphics stems from the world of art.

“Additionally, my fascination with technology and innovation runs deep. Unable to choose between the two, I merged them together, weaponising their combined power to satisfy my artistic passion.

“This fusion has elevated my craft, as I no longer perceive graphic design as a solitary entity; rather I seamlessly integrate it with technology to produce unparalleled masterpieces. My vision extends far beyond local boundaries.

“I firmly believe that by bolstering the African brand, we can propel our economy forward.

“Africa may encompass cultural diversity, but at its core, we possess a unified voice and presentation.”

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