‘Enemies’ on set, buddies off it

JOHANNESBURG. It’s only a few weeks since Shaka iLembe’s first episode was aired, but fans are already in love with them. 

The drama series was organised impressively, and the actors’ profiles are top-class.

They are mainly established stars like Khabonina Qubeka, Wiseman Mncube and Thembinkosi Mthembu. 

Even though there is so much blood on set, the stars seem close to the camera. They eat, dine and wine together and have many jokes.

Making fun of their names, Khabonina asked Thembinkosi Mthembu if he could Dingiswayo him.

She shocked many fans to imagine they have now turned the name into a verb.

One fan noticed the fun they were having and asked them saying. 

“Dingiswayo is now a verb.”

Khabonina shared the excellent video on her Instagram when they had so much fun enjoying themselves.

“Can you DINGISWAYO me?!” Yhoooooooo THE FUN WE HAD ON SET THOUGH,” she said.

She continued speaking of how much she missed her fellow actors saying “I bloody miss you guys @bomb_productions”

After Khabonina shared the video of Shaka iLembe enemies as they enjoyed themselves in the saloon, fans loved it.

“The wardrobe and make is on poit ijoo. It’s soo beautiful to watch” 

“Don’t let Cassper see that hairstyle.”

“I love u sister Khabonina” – thesouthafrican

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