Enough blood for Heroes

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Enough blood for Heroes Season Ndundu donating blood


15 August 2017

Season Ndundu donating blood

THE National Blood Services Zimbabwe has said it has enough blood stocks for emergencies during the Heroes and Defence Forces holidays.

National Blood Services Zimbabwe (NBSZ) spokesperson, Esther Masundah said they had collected enough blood to cater for any emergencies that may occur during the holidays.

“As the blood bank we are prepared to serve the nation during the holidays because holidays usually come with a high demand for blood but we pray that people exercise caution on the roads so that no lives are lost.

“We have 10 days worth of stock and this should be enough to cover us during the holidays in case of any emergency.

“Prior to the holiday, we had massive blood drive campaigns that saw us collecting enough blood to cater for the holidays and you will find that we have blood group O in adequate stock, this is the universal blood group which is usually requested for by our hospitals.

“The stock is enough to cover the whole country as all our branches nationwide are well stocked for the holidays,” she said.

Masundah also called on the nation to be cautious on the roads to avoid accidents and loss of lives before reminding all eligible donors to remember to donate blood and save a life after the holidays.

“It is my prayer that people are going to be careful on the roads so that lives are not lost unnecessarily. I also want to call all eligible donors to come through and donate after the holidays so that we have enough stocks always to save lives.”

Traditionally, there is a marked increase in traffic accidents during public holidays mainly resulting in a high demand for blood to help the injured and those in need.

The high cost of blood and its availability especially in emergency cases in the country has however remained a cause of concern and the Government has been on several occasions implored to put in place measures that the cost of blood comes down at a time where a unit of blood remains far beyond the reach of many.

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