Entrepreneur challenges married women

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Entrepreneur challenges married women Tafadzwa Zivengwa (left)


Lucia Mazhou
Entrepreneur and philanthropist Tafadzwa Zivengwa has challenged married women not sit in the comfort zone but to empower themselves through innovative projects.
She shared on how she manages to balance being married, a mother and a businesswoman in a bid to inspire young women.

Tafadzwa Zivengwa

Tafadzwa calls for the importance of planning for a woman who desires to achieve her goals.

“The secret to my success is planning, that is a skill one has to acquire and master. Before learning how to plan and schedule my work I would find it very difficult to cope.

“Planning and scheduling has helped me learn to do things during their allocated time.

“Every morning my alarm rings at 4.30 am and I dedicate that time to managing my social media adverts, posting in local groups, updating my status.

“From there I sort out the children’s lunch boxes, mine and my husband’s. I get the children ready and we drop them off at school on our way to work. I get to work earlier so that I have other things to attend to before work resumes,” she said.
She boasts of how her husband of ten years is very supportive of her.

“My husband is very supportive, he helps me a lot especially with graphic designing and technical orders.

“I ventured into the Inuka and shipping business because I felt the urge to empower women in my home town. Hwange.

“I had been introduced by Skihu Nhoma to the shipping business and having tried it myself and witnessing how amazing it was I decided to open a group and teach women in Hwange how to buy and ship from China so that they could also be empowered.

“I now buy and supply events decor and also agricultural machinery,” she added.

She said women are not fully empowered.

“I am of the opinion that some women are not becoming successful because they limit themselves and settle for lower positions because some do not want to be intimidated by men or some think success is set and meant for men.

“I believe that it’s time to break the bias and fight for our space for growth and success at the same level as men, being married and a mother should not be a barrier between you and your success,” said Tafadzwa.

Tafadzwa boasts of being a ZPC Public Relations Strategist for the 1.8 billion project in a male dominated field. She is also a network marketer with Inuka and champions the buying and shipping of goods from China to Zimbabwe.

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