Enzo ishall clears air on leaked song

Maria Chiguvari

ZIM dancehall artist, Enzo Ishall, has expressed his disappointment after a producer leaked the lyrics of his unfinished song.

The singer initially shared his annoyance on social media platform Facebook, where he expressed his disappointment at a friend who had taken the lyrics and turned them into a meme.

However, Enzo Ishall later contacted a local newspaper to clarify that it was actually his producer who had leaked the content.

The artist is known for shaking up the local music scene and is popular on the live show circuit.

In the initial post, he was disappointed with his friend.

“I trusted a friend with an unreleased song, ndazongoona ma-lyrics e-song agadzirirwa chi meme. Vamwe vangu musadaro,” he posted.

The Facebook post drew the attention of his fans who felt that he was betrayed by a close friend.

The chanter told H-Metro that the issue had been resolved with his producer, who leaked the lyrics, and not his friend.

He declined to identify the producer.

“It was resolved, our producer was the who leaked the project,” he said.

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