Maria Chiguvari

ZIM dancehall artist, Enzo Ishall, brought back the magic of live music at Takashinga Cricket Club on Friday.

The chanter performed at the First Choice Group of Schools Music Festival.

The school held a music festival where students had the opportunity to showcase their talents.

Speaking at the event, Enzo said performances at schools are always the best for him as he loves interacting with students.

“Performing for crowds like this is always the best for me because you will find raw talent among the students,” he said.

Enzo Ishall was irresistible on the stage. 

He had students in the palm of his hand in a set that was closer to rock ‘n’ roll but no one minded.

His ability to capture the attention of the audience once again was on display as the students clearly loved his performance.

His most recent song, “Tiza,” sent the crowd into a frenzy.

His song Kanjiva remains very popular.

It became very clear that the audience was captivated by his performance, which blended music and interactive art seamlessly.

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