Enzo’s ‘Baby Rako Raroorwa’ making waves

Maria Chiguvari

Zim Dancehall chanter, Enzo Ishall’s freestyle “Baby Rako Raroorwa” continues to make waves in the world of music.

Enzo Ishall, said his freestyle was never meant to be recorded, but was only a freestyle on stage.

But after a night at the Castle National Braai Festival, the response from his fans made him record the freestyle.

The song, which was recorded by DJ Levels, was a real life experience where the chanter was teasing his friend.

“Real life experience of one of his peers, so it was just a freestyle that he did fooling around and it blew on social media then had to go record it.

“It was never meant to be recorded, but after the Braai Fest response, we had to  work on it,” he said.

The song has captured the hearts of people in the entertainment industry like Makhadzi and Nombulelo Mhlongo from South Africa as well as Michelle Nativel, among others.

Enzo Ishall is popular for hit songs Kanjiva, 50 Magate and Mhamha, which were released in September 2019.

The chanter has never released an album and has been riding on the successes of his singles.

He is esteemed for his ability to tell stories through songs like Handirare Kuden Kwenyu, Gwati and Muroyi.

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