Epworth twins rally behind little-known artists

 Nyasha Kada

EPWORTH twin brothers, Team Bee, say it is their wish to see more artists from their neighbourhood make it on the music scene.

Born Brian and Brighton Kamunda, the twins held their 36 birthday celebrations last weekend in Epworth.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, the pair revealed that they are working with little-known artists to help them with basic needs.

“We have so much love for Epworth and we would like to see many artists from the neighbourhood become big names in the arts.

“We have a couple of artists that we are helping out with basics like studio time.

“Many artists struggle to get studio time to record and this is what we try and help them with.

“We also help out in marketing their music and brands as artists,” said Brian.

Brighton added that another reason for supporting little-known artists is to get them off drug and substance abuse.

“Cases of drug and substance abuse are on the rise in Epworth.

“Supporting artists in something they like, will help keep them off drugs as well as encourage them to spread the anti-drugs message,” he said.

Team Bee has been supporting arts in Epworth for a while now.

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