ERSL condemn acts of violence

Curtworth Masango

ZIFA Eastern Region League chairman, Davison Muchena, has castigated all acts of violence after incidents that took place in a match between Grayham and Tenax.

The match ended in a goalless draw.

The centre referee, Blessing Tauro, is believed to have been assaulted by Tenax staff, including the coaches.

The coaches are believed to have been unhappy with the way the referee was handling the match and attacked the match officials soon after the final whistle.

Speaking to the media, Muchena said:

“It was unfortunate to see such incidents. We do not expect that in the Eastern Region,” he said.

“We are very particular about violence in our games. We do not condone violence in our games at all.

“What happened was very unfortunate and when you get a report that says the coach is the first one that hit the referee on the nose, you get confused as to the world we are living in.

“I actually don’t understand it given the respect we have for the coach as a region and as a person.”

He added:

“I don’t want to comment more on these kinds of things before I discuss with the teams.

“We will discuss this with the team as quickly as we can to make sure that we solve these issues very soon before the season ends.

“We have a few games left and we would like to finish the league without any outstanding issues.”

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