Etherton Beenie condemns violence

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Etherton Beenie condemns violence


15 August 2017

Popular dancehall emcee, Etherton “Beenie” Mutemasango has condemns violence and missile throwing at dancehall shows.

The Judgement Yard and Zi FM presenter intervened to calm the situation when missile throwing started at the Killer T Fifth Anniversary held in Mbare last Saturday.

Cans started raining on stage after revelers got impatient after one of the host emcees announced was to come on stage but to no avail.

After close to 15 minutes with the emcees just announcing Kinna was to take stage some people with in the crowd then started throwing beer cans and bottles on stage.

Etherton Beenie (R) with DJ Flevah

However, it was Etherton Beenie’s bravery and guts that calmed down the situation.

Also known as the “Voice of the voiceless” Etherton Beenie took to the stage with the mic and asked the fans to calm down and then blessed the stage with a prayer before introducing the next artiste who was Kinna.

Speaking at the sidelines, Etherton Beenie said:

“Can throwing is not right and it should stop that is my call to all dancehall fans in Zimbabwe.

“Can throwing and violence just downgrades the genre at the end of the day, a genre that a lot have worked for so hard to be at the level it is at the moment.

“So I urge and kindly ask all dancehall fans to look for other means to show their dismay or distaste for things they may not find right at shows.”

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