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10 August 2018

Angela Bhudhe

AN evangelist’s wife is involved in a love scandal involving five men.

Evangelist Ndashata has been sharing his wife Angela Bhudhe, 26, with four other men in the subsistence of their marriage.

The man of cloth said he smelt a rat and snatched his wife’s mobile phone where he discovered that Angela was cheating with a married man and former co-tenant Taurai Simbai, 28, who resides in Kambuzuma.

Other messages in the phone showed other love affairs with other men.

Taurai Simbai

The evangelist then trapped one of his wife’s lovers at a lodge on Monday.

Simbayi fell into the trap when Ndashata sent a message to him pretending as if he was Angela. He asked to have quality time claiming that ‘she’ was sex starved.

The two agreed to meet at a lodge near High Glen Road.

Ndashata teamed up with his relatives and met Simbayi at the lodge and took him to Machipisa police station where they received counselling from police community relations and liaison officers.

Simbayi told H-Metro soon after leaving the police station that he had been seeing Angela since February 2017.

“I was in love with Angela and she is the one who lured me to fall in love with her claiming that her husband was failing to support her financially,” said Simbayi.

“We were tenants at a house in Kambuzuma. To be honest with you this woman is the one who seduced me achindimbundikira achikumbira kuti ndimuperekedze kumashops manheru murume wake paanenge asipo.

“She started by asking for financial help promising to pay later and payment never came until she started to seduce me and I failed to resist.

“From there onward we booked lodges so today I just thought it was game as usual and I decided to leave my kombi to avoid being tracked since I am a kombi driver.

“I wanted to run away after I spotted Ndashata but it was too late since he was accompanied by his relatives and they brought me to police.

“I apologised to Ndashata but he never accepted insisting to take me to a police station where we received counseling,” said Simbai.

Ndashata told H-Metro that he discovered three more men Angela was dating from the messages in the phone he showed H-Metro.

“My wife has been cheating all along and I could not believe the messages I discovered in her mobile phone with different men; some confessing that they were not aware that she was married,” said Ndashata.

“She participates well at church that I never suspected anything until I smelt a rat over how she was typing messages in the toilet and this forced me to check after she left to take a bath.

“I disappeared with her phone and started replying Simbayi since I knew him and I trapped him,” said Ndashata.

Angela took to her heels after spotting H-Metro. She refused to give her side of the story when she spotted Ndashata with the crew.

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