Evil woman batters sister’s baby

Arron Nyamayaro

AN Eastview woman was yesterday arrested for assaulting and tying her sister’s baby in a locked room every time she left the house since July.

Brenda Gwiriri (18) was looking after her sister, Sibongile Nyambayo’s 18-month-old baby girl, who she tied to her wardrobe with cellphone charger cables.

Sibongile had asked Brenda to help look after her baby after separating with her daughter’s dad.

The toddler’s chilling cries were heard by passersby, who forced the landlord to open, and to their horror, found the toddler tied to the wardrobe.

They untied her and teamed up with neighbours to mete instant justice on Brenda, who was saved by the arrival of a cop.

Fuming neighbours

Brenda told H-Metro that she would assault her sister’s baby for breaking her kitchen utensils.

The little girl sustained bruises on her buttocks, neck, head and back from the beatings.

“My sister, based in Mutare asked me to look after her baby and we agreed to do so with my husband,” said Brenda.

“My friend Prudence is the one who suggested that I should tie the baby in the room when I leave the house so that she doesn’t damage things.

“She would break my utensils whenever I left her alone, but never does that when I am with her. I used a stick to beat her up for the offences. 

“She had some of those scars on her head and back when she came to stay with us,” said Brenda.

Brenda was detained at Mabvuku Police Station.

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