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Edwin Nhukarume

FORMER Chillspot Records producer, Samcris, and a Zim dancehall chanter, Ras Shine, have opened a charity studio in the capital to help less privileged artists.

The studio is called Fireborn Music, and it has already started recruiting Artists they discovered in Harare and Bulawayo ghettos.

Ras Shine says they have since started their mission to promote young talent through the initiative.

“The studio is now functioning and we already have artists we are working with.

“So far, we have artists from Bulawayo and Harare.

“Our vision is to not only focus on Harare, but the whole nation.

“We have artists who are talented in the country who cannot afford to record.

“Fireborn Music will give them an opportunity to achieve their dreams.

“In the capital, we have given an opportunity to record to artists such as Silent King, Wamaring, Draggah, Alliance Sparks and the female artist from Bulawayo, Cindrella.”

Ras Shine said the studio was also aiming to raise finance through engaging the corporate world to sustain its business.

“Some are wondering how we are going to raise money to run the studio.

“We are engaging the corporate world by doing business with them like making jingles for their advertisements while also marketing them.

“There are also several projects we are running for us to keep going.

“The youths need help and hope in their lives. Supporting their dreams will definitely breathe life to their aspirations,” he told H-Metro.

Ras Shine said Samcris’ role was to be the main producer, and advisor, since he is an experienced lad.

He said the ex-Chillspot Records producer would be simultaneously running Fireborn Music and his studio Digital Claims Recordz.

“I hired Samris because of his experience.

“He agreed to join this movement though he will not abandon his studio, Digital Claims Records.

“Fireborn has a team, so it will be easy for Samcris to balance his working schedule,” he said.

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