Ex- convict wants to kill me

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Ex- convict wants to kill me Jofana Rodwell Tonderai


7 February 2019

Jofana Rodwell Tonderai

Rumbidzai Rambanapasi

A Manyame Airbase woman has dragged her husband to the Harare Civil court applying for protection and peace order.

Rumbidzai Moni said her husband Josafa Rodwell Tonderai threatened to kill her soon after he came back from prison in revenge.

“He attempted to rape my daughter and was given a year jail sentence in jail.

“He came back last week and threatened to kill my daughter and I.

“I want him to be barred from coming to our premise; my daughter is no longer comfortable,” she said.

“He is doing all sorts of acts because he is a step-father to my daughter.

“I want him to be barred from all forms of communication.

“We are not staying together now but I just want protection from him,” she said.

Josafa denied the allegation saying:

“I do not want to kill her; I want us to solve the matter amicably.

“I do not know the reason why I should not be allowed at our premise, after we wedded under the Chapter 5.

“I am not yet settled because I was in prison; she has already messed up with my job by telling my bosses that I was arrested,” said Josafa.

Josafa added that his wife was greedy and no longer loved him.

Presiding Magistrate Noah Gwatidzo ordered Josafa not to threaten to kill his wife, not to visit her residence and not to physically abuse her.

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