Ex demands maintenance in US$

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Ex demands maintenance in US$


Fatima Chiweshe, Court Reporter

A man has hauled his neighbour to court over accusations of dog poisoning.

The matter came to light at the Harare Civil Court where Samson Kuvheya was applying for a peace order against Garikai Tapera.

Kuvheya said he was being falsely accused of killing Tapera’s dog which then led to the two having conflicts.

“Your worship he has been accusing me of poisoning his dog.

He came to my house three weeks ago fuming and started shouting at me.

I tried explaining to him that I had spent my day at work and was not aware of the death of his dog neither did I caused its death.

The problem now is that he keeps on pestering me over that issue and he even threatens to beat my children whenever they pass through his gate.

In response Tapera did not oppose the peace order but he said he suspected that Kuvheya wanted to seek revenge.

Your worship I thought he was the one who had poisoned my dog because there was a time when his house was vandalized after he had gone to visit his mother in Murehwa and he suspected that I was a conspiracy in that vandalism.

We have not been conversing well since then so that is why I held him as a suspect.

Presiding magistrate Tafadzwa Miti ordered that the two should live in peace and Kevheya was granted a peace order.





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