Ex-MP blames guardians for child’s death

Zvikomborero Parafini

THE owner of the dogs that mauled a seven-year-old to death at Skey Farm in Norton has blamed the child’s guardians for being negligent by allowing the child to go out at night.

Former Zvishavane-Runde legislator, Cuthbert Mpami, and his farm manager, Lloyd Sibanda, pleaded not guilty to the culpable homicide charges they are facing .

They appeared before magistrate Clever Tsikwa.

The two told the court that while they admit that the child died, they have no personal knowledge as to the circumstances that led to his death.

They told the court that none of them were present at the scene as Sibanda had spent the whole day in the fields away from the compound and his boss was in Harare where he stays.

The child’s corpse was found lying on a foot path, leading to the compound.

They further told the court that they learnt that the child had been sent by his grandmother to fetch water.

“Sibanda, while permitting the community to fetch water from his borehole, issued a long-standing instruction or prohibition from fetching water at the farmhouse during day-time before 1600 hours, due to the fact that there would be no persons in attendance.

“All adults in the community, including the deceased’s guardians, were fully aware of this standing instruction.

“The deceased’s grandfather previously worked for Second Accused as a night guard at the farm and worked with the dogs that were kept there for security.

“He knew the daily drill.

“The above notwithstanding deceased’s guardians recklessly sent him, a seven-year old, child to fetch water on his own while fully aware of the dogs presence.

“More particularly, they were fully aware that one of the dogs was unfriendly and was kept tied on a leash all day till evening when the night guard would assume duty and release him for guard assistance duties,” read parts of the defence outline.

Sherlyn Sadomba appeared for the State.

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