Ex now my bestie: DJ Munya

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Ex now my bestie: DJ Munya


12 January 2018

RADIO personality Munyaradzi ‘DJ Munya’ Milimo and erstwhile wife Semila Anne Marie Milimo have revealed that they will remain best friends despite ongoing divorce proceedings.

The couple, who have been married for the past seven years, appeared before High Court Judge, Justice Erica Ndewere over a divorce case.

They cited irreconcilable differences.

The matter was deferred to a later date to allow both parties, who were in consent for the divorce application, to rectify few errors on their submissions to the court.

During the proceedings of the matter, the presiding judge inquired from the couple why they had decided to divorce whilst they were seemingly happy with each other during the court session.

“You seem to be in good books, you were even sitting next to each other talking nicely to each other, why did you decide to divorce? Have you ever tried to resolve your differences,” asked the judge.

However, both parties confirmed that they both wanted to divorce.

After the court session DJ Munya said divorce was in their best interests although Semila was now his best friend.

“Semilia and I have come a long way, she’s one of the few people who really know me.

“She will remain special to me because she is the mother of my kids, marriage has failed but the good thing now is she is now my best friend.

“We have been friends way before we started even dating so I am happy that I still have her in my life and this time as a friend,” he said.

Semilia also said she wished DJ Munya all the best now that they are going their separate ways.

“Divorce was the best decision that we took considering the situation that we are in but Munya is the father of my kids, I am based in South Africa and I agreed that he has custody of our children.

“I know our children will be safe with him and like he has said we are still on talking terms, not just because we have children together but because we have a history that dates back before we even had kids.

“I wish him all the best, and if he is to remarry may he find someone who really understands him,” she said.


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