Ex-tenant disturbs marriage

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Ex-tenant disturbs marriage


7 January 2019

Delight Kabiseni

A KUWADZANA 3 woman is at odds with her former co-tenant who disturbs her marriage through sending text messages pretending to be her boyfriend.

Charity Chinokara applied for a peace order against Noleen Gande who wants to destroy her marriage through text messages.

“We used to rent at the same house but she now sends love messages to my husband’s phone pretending to be my boyfriend.

“She was once caught cheating by her husband and she believes that I am the one who told her husband,” she said.

Chinokara told the court of her prayers.

“I am now having a misunderstandings with my husband over that issue.

“I want her to stop sending me messages as well as visiting me,” said Chinokara.

In response, Gande told the court that Chinokara verbally abuses her.

“She is the one who insults me.

“I never send any messages to her husband.

“I have no issues with the granting of the order,” said Gande.

Magistrate Noah Gwatidzo who presided over the matter granted the peace order in Chinokara’s favour.

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