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11 October 2018

Tongai Moyo

AFTER Tongai Moyo’s death on October 15 2011, long serving ex-Utakataka Express manager, Knowledge Chosa, reckons his world collapsed.

So dire was Chosa’s situation as the father of six had no other source of income besides running Tongai’s affairs.

And the 40-year-old’s situation worsened with the ascendancy of new Utakatataka Express heir – Peter Moyo – who came on board with different handlers, rendering Chosa jobless.

Chosa said the first three or so years after Dhewa’s departure were ‘tortuous’ for him as reality finally dawned their ‘cash cow’ had gone with its riches.

Peter Moyo

“I can safely say the first two or so years after Tongai’s death taught me a lesson I had not anticipated,” said Chosa.

“At one point I was convinced that my world had totally collapsed because I became jobless after Tongai’s burial.

“I have always relied on running Tongai’s affairs and starting a life without him was a herculean task for me.

“A lot of people who used to help us when I was still working under Tongai Moyo turned their backs on me as they were now focusing on Peter Moyo.


“My situation was made worse because Peter Moyo did not offer me a job, which means I was supposed to struggle while job-hunting.

“I don’t blame him because he was free to choose people who can share the same vision with him.


Chosa, who had a passion for music but could not hone his skills while Tongai was still alive, has since ventured into music.

“In the year 2014, I released my first album – Tinosvika Chete – with the help of Ronnie Mundindo among other session musicians.

“The album was recorded in Kwekwe but it was hard for me to make a breakthrough due to lack of resources,” said the former manager who fronts Zvakatsetseka Express outfit.

Chosa at Tongai memorial

After trying his hand in the studio four years ago, Chosa is back with his second album – Pfimbi YaIgwe – due to be launched later this month at Mbizo Inn.

“This is the second album I have just recorded at TruTone Studios owned by Jabulani Ndhlovu here in the capital.

“I will be launching it at Mbizo Inn with the help of former Utakataka Express Sukol among other artistes who are yet to confirm with us.

“I have since perfected my voice and upped my game but I am not competing with anyone,” said Chosa.

Asked whether he had approached Peter as one of the guests, Chosa said:

“Yes I will approach him but if the dates clash with his own programmes, I can’t force him to cancel his schedules.

“Peter and I are family and we are always in touch when it comes to family matters and I wish him the best in his projects.

“I’m one of the people who have always supported him because I see Tongai in him and the progress he is making is the one every father would expect from their children as they grow up.”


Besides music, Chosa said he was managing to look after Tongai’s mother and his family through farming activities.

“I’m a farmer in Kwekwe and I am also into poultry which enables me to look after my family of six and Tongai Moyo’s mother better known as Chihera.

“It is my responsibility as well that I do my best for her (Chihera) because she gave birth to a legend who was also a breadwinner at the time he lived with us.

“We had good memories with Tongai and we all know what he did to the nation of Zimbabwe and the contribution he made before his death.”


Since it has dawned that Tongai is no more and that he needs to man up, Chosa said he has accepted fate.

“In life there comes a time when you realise that you need to accept every situation.

“In my case, I have realised that love, peace and harmony define who we are.

“Professionally, I have realised that we need to know our strengths and follow careers of our choice where we have a calling.

“I have also learnt that we need to utilise the good people that we work for while they are still alive so that we can sustain ourselves once they are gone.

“Lastly, I have also learnt to embrace challenges as they are and also to consult wisely and widely.

“In a nutshell, I have learnt that we need to be firm and resolute when misfortune visits us,” noted Chosa who believes he is now his own man.

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